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    Welcome Home!

    October 30th, 2014
    Written by: Dennis Maulden

    We had our final “Meet and Greet” yesterday.  These affairs usually include the cast, artistic and production team,  administrative staff, and guests.  This year’s seasonal offering is Dickens’ A Chrismas Carol.  Over the course of several decades we have produced numerous versions of this play:  musical and non-musical, British and Country, small-cast and large-cast, minimalistic and uberdesigned.  The one consistent element from show to show, of course, has been the exploration of social class, emotional empathy – and most important –  human worth and redemption. The cast is comprised of storytellers, both young and old, who narrate as well as assume roles and become various characters.  There is music […]


    Lisa Bryant – 4th FRP Artistic Director!

    October 22nd, 2014
    Written by: James Johnson

    In a move of confidence by the Flat Rock Playhouse Board of Trustees on Monday, Lisa K. Bryant was named our next Artistic Director.  After comparing Lisa’s talents, expertise, and experience against a list of qualifications compiled by our new Transition and Human Resources Committees the Board agreed unanimously that Lisa, in the roles of Associate and Acting Artistic Director, had exhibited all of the necessary requirements. When combined with her unflagging committment, historical knowledge of the theater, and heartfelt, supportive spirit it was obvious the right person for the job was already leading the organization. The news was exhuberantly welcomed […]


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