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    I Guess I’m Old Enough for “Early, Middle, and Late DCM Designs”…Sigh

    September 22nd, 2014
    Written by: Dennis Maulden

    I recently tried to estimate with my assistant, Chris Mueller,  the number of shows that I have designed since graduating from Chapel Hill in 1970.  The process quickly degenerated into a series of dates and questions and counting, all of which I found tedious and dispiriting.  But I did realize in the ultimately curtailed endeavor that I not only have designed lots of shows but also a few shows lots of times.  Life infrequently presents you with such concrete opportunities to recognize growth.  Sure, you can see how differently you handle similar life experiences from one point in time to another, but […]


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    FRP-James Bond-13

    Directors Notes: Bond

    September 16th, 2014
    Written by: James Johnson

    Bond. James Bond. Cool and classy. Glamorous and elegant. Crisp clothes, expensive tastes, sophistication and vodka martini’s- shaken, not stirred.  Though Bond creator Ian Fleming originally intended the plain-named James Bond to be a “dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened,” it seems he missed his mark.  It is estimated that one in three of all those living on the planet today have seen James Bond either on film or television.  The 50-year-old spy franchise isn’t the most successful in film history because the leading player is Everyman. Rather, every man wants to be Bond, and every woman wants to […]