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The Spectrum of Theater Art Education

Upon the 25th anniversary (June 1998) of the passing of Leona Grace Fraki Farquhar, Dennis and I began thinking of a way to continue to honor and support her vision at The Flat Rock Playhouse. A decade ago we purchased and revitalized the Cleveland Log House to create a safe and inviting summer residence for apprentices. A small cottage to house an equity actor near the log house was remodeled and named after Leona—it is still called ‘Leona Grace’. 


 Leona was instrumental in creating the foundation for an educational element for “The State Theatre of North Carolina”. Her son, Robin, grew the education program, until the time of his death in 2008.


Years have passed, cultural shifts have occurred, yet one of the many constants we all can recognize today is this- The Flat Rock Playhouse Educational program gives children, teens, young and not so young adults agency to allow them to grow into real responsibility. Potential. Meaning. Purpose. 


Participating in theater arts educational programs can organize minds and bodies, engage and challenge.  I have seen neurodiversity accepted —children who may be differently intentioned—met where they are here at the Flat Rock Playhouse. 


Let’s pay homage to not just Leona, but to all of the educators here at the Playhouse. Let’s salute the mentors, the singers, dancers, writers, prop and stage designers, techs, seamstresses, parents, and grandparents, who teach with every breath they take. 



Victoria Flanagan

Child Model
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