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Staff and Contact Information

Business Office Mailing Address: Flat Rock Playhouse, PO Box 310, Flat Rock, NC 28731


Producing Artistic Director:  Lisa K. Bryant,  x203

Chief Financial Officer:  Kevin Hicks,  x201

Business Manager: Samantha Yaeger, x234

Senior Director of Marketing and Development:  Dane Whitlock,  x209

Marketing and Development Manager:  Candi Guffey, x220

Marketing and Development Associate: Olivia Palmer, x230

Graphic and Media Designer: Christy Souther, x207

Company Manager: Matthew Glover, x236

Production Manager:  Adam Goodrum,  x212

Artistic Associate:  Dave Hart, Artistic Associate

Facilities Manager: Paul Feraldi, x202

Group Sales Director:  Pam Collins,  x216

Box Office Manager:  Nedra Simpson,  x210

Group Sales:  Kerry Corlis,  x233

Resident Scenic Designer:  Dennis C. Maulden,  x208

Resident Costume Designer:  Ashli Arnold,  x213

Props:  Cassidy Bowles,  x215

Electrics:  CJ Barnwell,  x222

Audio:  Kurt Conway,  x224