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2024 Advertising + Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the arts. Support local businesses. Support a thriving community.


Flat Rock Playhouse is back to entertain you and families across the region with a full season of plays, musicals, concert experiences, and family-friendly productions. You can be a part of the magic this 2023 season while also contributing to our local community and economy.


As a sponsor or advertiser, your contribution underwrites a portion of production costs, which have continued to increase due to COVID19. This crucial underwriting ensures that Flat Rock Playhouse can continue to offer affordable ticket prices, Broadway-quality talent and production standards in Appalachia, and the most comprehensive employment opportunities in the Western North Carolina arts industry.


Sponsors support Flat Rock Playhouse because it enhances the quality of life for our beloved and growing community. Your organization can showcase your commitment not just to the arts for entertainment, but also to the impact, connection, and joy we experience together at the theater. Meaningful, high-quality arts experiences contribute to the health of our community by attracting new residents and tourists, providing entertainment and a gathering place for long-term residents, ensuring that local students have access to arts education, and as a network for local businesses and fellow nonprofits and achieve more together.


This year, we’re offering two impactful ways to support the arts and local businesses during this time

of regrowth. As a sponsor or advertiser, we’ll provide your business with unique marketing and

event opportunities.





Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you in this exciting season.

For more information contact our Community Engagement Manager

Michael Arrowood - 


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