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AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT! Seussical, the Musical!

Announcing Flat Rock Playhouse, Studio 52 Auditions for our first family series show of 2018 and…everyone’s invited to Sing Out for Dr. Seuss!

Whether new to the arts, or a seasoned vet, we are calling on everyone, all ages, to come out and participate in this exciting family production! So bring the entire family to celebrate imagination!

Auditions will be held Friday, January 12th and Saturday January 13th  a Studio 52, 1855 Little River Road, Flat Rock.

Friday, January 12th  4pm-8pm

Saturday, January 13th  10:30am-4pm

Callbacks will be held January 19th and 20th times TBA


*** A small production fee of $75 applies to all cast and crew members of this production. ***


For students interested in Technical Theatre, please come to the auditions and fill out the correlating paper work, and participate in a brief interview. Technical positions are only available for student aages 14-20 yrs old.

Seussical, the Musical

This fantastical family musical is based on the writings of Dr. Seuss. Narrated by the amazing “Cat in the Hat”, Horton hears a noise coming from a speck of dust on a clover and commits himself to protecting it and the Whos who live on it: JoJo, “a misfit Who” who doesn’t “Think normal thinks”, struggles to find his place in the tiny Who society: Gertrude McFuzz tries to capture the attention of her love – the kind and compassionate Horton. Through mishaps and adventure, these unique characters finally find what they seek – their place in the world.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for Seussical

Rehearsals begin Wednesday, Jan. 24th

Regular rehearsal schedule is Monday – Thursday within the hours of 6-9:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday between 1pm-6pm, TBA (only if needed, possible snow make up dates).

(Please note that we will do our best not to call the children all the time, but these are the possible working hours.)

Rehearsals will take place at Studio 52, 1855 Little River Road, Flat Rock

Mandatory Tech rehearsals:

March 3rd and 4th 10am-6pm

March 5th through March 7th, 4pm-10pm

These rehearsals are vital to the success of any show and will require long hours with an ensemble show of this type. We will work diligently to mitigate the time younger children are needed.

We appreciate your flexibility in advance.


Performance Schedule

3/8 7pm

3/9 9am, 1pm, 7pm

3/10 11am, 3pm

3/11 3pm

3/15 7pm

3/16 9am, 1pm, 7pm

3/17 11am, 3pm

3/18 3pm

3/22 7pm

3/23 9am, 1pm, 7pm

3/24 11am, 3pm

3/25 3pm


Meet some of the Characters:

The Cat In The Hat – The Cat In The Hat is the essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. The Cat stirs things up, causes trouble, but always sets things right again, helping Jojo to discover the power of his own imagination as they create the story for the show together.

Jojo Jojo – is a “Thinker”, a smart child with a wild imagination. He is a little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner and a rather a rambunctious kid whose “Thinks” get him into constant trouble. By the end of the show, he

Horton The Elephant – Horton The Elephant is a gentle giant. Think of him as steadfast, responsible and always tries to do the right thing for his friends. He is imaginative and receptive to the world around him.. Horton’s view of the world never changes – he believes in its goodness. 

Gertrude McFuzz – Gertrude is very self-conscious and aware that her one-feather tail isn’t perfect. Gertrude changes during the show from a neurotic, nervous and shy bird into one with the power to protect and care for a baby elephant bird and commit herself to Horton.

Mayzie La Bird – Mayzie La Bird is self-centered, selfish, and vain. Mayzie will never admit to her own flaws. She manipulates anyone she can into doing what she wants. But Mayzie isn’t all bad. In giving up her egg to Horton once and for all, she has a moment of generosity-she realizes she isn’t the kind of person who would be a good parent, and she does the best thing she can for the egg.

Sour Kangaroo – isn’t really sour at all. She’s just got a lot of attitude. She’s loud, brassy, and a lot of fun.

Young Kangaroo – The baby joey of the Sour Kangaroo. He/she often echoes what the Sour Kangaroo sings, and is a copycat in attitude.

The Wickersham Brothers are not bad guys! They’re simply a lot like kids who tease, play pranks, and get a kick out of making mischief, although often at others’ expense. They enjoy hanging around with one another, making music together on the street corner, and playing off one another.

Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor – Mr. and Mrs. Mayor are Whos who are parents trying hard to raise a difficult child in a difficult world. They may get aggravated with Jojo, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing, even if it turns out to be a mistake.


Cameo Roles:

The Grinch – As most people know, the Grinch is a grouch and he stole Christmas!

Yertle The Turtle – Yertle is a powerful member of the Jungle of Nool and respected by all the other animals. He/she serves as the judge when Horton is on trial.

Vlad Vladikoff – A majestic eagle who is also mischievous and daring. Strong dancer.

Ensemble : (mix aged ensemble) of the Jungle Creatures and members of Whoville.


Audition Material

Audition Monologues (Please choose one to perform at this audition)

(Please note these do not need to be memorized but you should be very familiar with the one you choose)


That bird let that clover drop somewhere inside
Of a great patch of clovers, a hundred miles wide!
I’ll find it. I’ll find it! I’ll find it or bust!
Well, I shall find my friends on their small speck of dust.
Yes, clover-by-clover by clover with care
I’ll listen and call, are you there? Are you there?

Are you there? Are you there?



Now I’m bored and I’m tired sitting all day.

Who knew so much work was required?

I need a vacation!

I’m due for some rest –

Hey, Horton, would you maybe like to sit on my nest?

I won’t be gone long, kid. I give you my word.
I’ll hurry right back, ’cause I’m that sort of bird!
Oh, Horton, I promise! I’ll fly back real soon.
I’d only be gone for, say, one afternoon!



Now that is a very unusual hat.

I wonder what’s under a hat such as that.

It could be a creature they call th Ga-Zat

Who balances things on his head, cause it’s flat.

Or a stripe- loving Pipester from upper Mount Bat.

Or a sort of a kind of a hat wearing…cat!


For our youngest (under 7 yrs. old) you may audition with a short Dr. Seuss poem or quote of your choice; an example may be –


One fish two fish red fish blue fish.

Black fish blue fish old fish new fish.

This one has a little star.

This one has a little car.

Say what a lot

Of fish there are.


Audition Music- (Please choose one of these songs from Seussical to perform at this audition. An accompanist will be provided.)

(Please note these do not need to be memorized but you should be very familiar with the one you choose)

#1 Oh, the Thinks You Can Think

#2 Biggest Blame Fool

#3 Amazing Mayzie

#4 Alone in the Universe

Listen to these songs here.  

Download the Seussical sheet music here.


For our youngest (under 7 yrs. old or those not comfortable with learning audition material at this time, you may choose one from the three choices below).

#1 When You Wish Upon a Star

#2 Zip a Dee Do Dah, Zip a Dee Ay

#3 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Download the sheet music for these songs here.


Please, bring a calendar of your scheduled upcoming events with you to these auditions! And always remember auditions are about bringing YOU … and your inner JOY!

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