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Thank you to all who came out to audition over the last two days.  The following are called back for Sunday, September 10th in the Art Room of Studio 52, 2nd floor.

2:00-2:45 Bee’s and Insects/Cupcake-ettes 

Layla Zefernio

Lianas Pronyk

Noelle Crist

Jade Morales

Kyla Watkins

Ava Treadway

Ada Miles

Ella Oursler

Marissa Connelly

Olivia Lytle

Kaia Pelz

Jacey Bergman

Kassidy Webb

Ella Leatherwood

Liam Teague

Cyrus Hardin

Carly Frates

Joseph Sherer


2:45 – 3:15 Cupcake-ettes

Emme Grey Tilden

Samantha Kanipe

Emersyn-Lilly Massaro

Ella Rollins


3:30 – 4:15 Family

Kristina Baker- Mrs. Pinkerton

Rob Robinson- Mr. Pinkerton

Grey Tilden – Mr.Pinkerton

Cyrus Hardin – Peter

Liam Teague – Peter

Xavier Cacanindin – Peter

Kaia Pelz- Pinkalicious

Jacey Bergman- Pinkalicious

Carly Frates- Pinkalicious

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