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NEW! Audition Update – Pinkalicious and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! – NEW LOCATION!!!

Announcing Flat Rock Playhouse, Studio 52 Auditions for our final two shows in our 2017 family series and…everyone’s invited!

Whether new to the arts, or a seasoned vet, we are calling on everyone to come out and participate in these exciting productions!  So bring the entire family!

Auditions will be held Friday, Sept. 8th and Saturday Sept 9th in the ART ROOM of STUDIO 52, 1855 LITTLE RIVER ROAD.  Please report directly to the ART ROOM as rehearsals for Amadeus are underway in the Blue Room.

Friday, Sept.8th

4pm-7pm Student actors, ages 4yrs to 18yrs

7pm-8:30pm Adult Actors, 18yrs and up

Saturday, Sept.9th

10am-1pm Student actors, ages 4yrs to 18yrs

2pm-3:30pm Adult Actors, ages 18yrs and up

Callbacks for Pinkalicious will be Sunday Sept. 10th  at 2pm until finished. (Announced Saturday Evening Sept. 9th on our website, individual times TBA)

Callbacks for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever will be Thursday Sept. 14th from 6pm-9pm. (Announced Monday Evening Sept. 11th, on our website, Individual times TBA)

***If cast, there is a $75 participation fee per show for both actors and technicians. ***

Rehearsal schedules have been provided per show. For students interested in Technical Theatre, please come to the auditions and fill out the correlating paper work, and participate in a brief interview. Technical positions are only available for students ages 14-20 yrs old.



Bring your Pinkness! Pinkalicious the Musical!

Pinkalicious can’t stop eating pink cupcakes despite warnings from her parents. Her pink indulgence lands her at the doctor’s office with Pinkititis, an affliction that turns her pink from head to toe – a dream come true for this pink loving enthusiast. But when her hue goes too far, only Pinkalicious can figure out a way to get out of this pink predicament. Based on The New York Times best selling picture book.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for Pinkalicious

Rehearsals begin October 2nd

Monday-Thursday within the hours of 6-9:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday between 10am-6pm, TBA – (only if needed).

(Please note that we will do our best not to call the children all the time, but these are the possible working hours.)

***The role of Pinkalicious will be expected to attend ALL rehearsals.  Thank you.

Rehearsal will take place in the Rehearsal Hall on the main FRP property at 2661 Greenville Highway, Flat Rock.

Mandatory Tech rehearsals:

November 6 through November 9th, 4pm-10pm, these rehearsals are vital to the success of any show and will require long hours with an ensemble show of this type. We will work diligently to mitigate the time children are needed. We appreciate your flexibility in advance.

Performance Schedule

11/9 7pm

11/10 9am, 7pm

11/11 2pm, 7pm

11/12 2pm

11/17 9am, 1pm, 7pm

11/18 2pm, 7pm

11/19 2pm

Character Breakdown

Pinkalicious – a girl who learns that more is not always better. Must be a STRONG singer who has great energy and expression. (approx. age 13-20)

Peter – Pinkalicious’s younger brother who secretly enjoys pink. A strong singer and a boy who is full of life and passionate about what he loves, pink! (approx. age 6-13)

Mrs. Pinkerton – A busy woman who is always cleaning and trying to organize her families life, but learns to find her inner child. (approx. age 18+)

Mr. Pinkerton – A man who learns not to be so close-minded and strict, who once loved the color pink. (approx. age 18+)

Alison – Pinkalicious’ jealous friend. Strong comedic actress. (approx. age 13-18)

Dr. Wink – A woman who discovers the Pinkalicious has a case of Pinikititis. A strong singer and dancer. (approx. age 15-18+)

Bee – Singer/Dancer (any age)

Bird – Singer/Dancer (any age)

Butterfly 1 – Singer/Dancer (any age)

Butterfly 2 – Singer/Dancer (any age)

Cupcake-ettes- An ensembles of singers and dancers (any age)

Audition Material

Audition Monologue – Student Actors (ages 6 and Up)

“I know I promised not to eat any more pink cupcakes, but they taste so delicious, and after eating nothing for dinner, I’m starving! Now that everyone is asleep, I can sneak just one more pink cupcake. But where could they be? Come out, come out wherever you are!”

Audition Monologue – Adult Actors (ages 18 and Up)

“Her school picture is coming up! I just got her a new orange dress and it is going to clash with her pink completion. I can’t believe this is happening, after all the healthy food that I have fed my children, after all the money I have spent at the organic food co-op!”

Audition Music- (Please choose one to perform at this audition)


Sing measures 7-27 of ‘When Dreams Come True’

Mrs. Pinkerton

         Sing measures 16-38 of ‘You Get Just What You Get’

Mr. Pinkerton

         Sing measures 5-31 of ‘Finale’

Peter/Alison/Bee, other insects, Cupcake-ettes

         Sing measures 5-16 of ‘Buzz Off’




Bring your Christmas Spirit!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

In this hilarious, large cast, holiday classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids – probably the most inventively awful kids in history.  When they end up as the leads, their interesting interpretation of the story (which they have never heard of before) helps everyone rediscover the meaning of holiday.

 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

 Rehearsal begins Oct. 23rd

Monday-Thursday within the hours of 6-9:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday between 10am-6pm, TBA (only if needed).

(Please note that we will do our best not to call the children all the time, but these are the possible working hours.)

Rehearsal will start at Studio 52, then move to the rehearsal hall on the main FRP property, Nov.6th at 2661 Greenville Highway, Flat Rock. 

Mandatory Tech rehearsals:

11/25 through 11/30. 4pm-10pm, these rehearsals are vital to the success of any show and will require long hours with an ensemble show of this type. We will work diligently to mitigate the time children are needed. We appreciate your flexibility in advance.

Performance Schedule

11/30 7pm

12/1 9am, 11am, 7pm

12/2 2pm, 7pm

12/3 2pm

12/8 9am, 11am, 7pm

12/9 2pm, 7pm

12/10 2pm

12/14 7pm

12/15 7pm

12/16 2pm, 7pm

12/17 2pm (Closing Performance)

Character Breakdown

ADULT ROLES  (or more)

BOB BRADLEY/FATHER:  Age range 30+; solid family man; husband to Grace and Father to Beth and Charlie.

GRACE BRADLEY/MOTHER:  Age range 30+; main role who takes over the annual Christmas pageant; mother to Beth and Charlie; wife to Bob.

MRS. ARMSTRONG: Managerial, bossy in manner, she likes to be in charge

MRS. SLOCUM. Pleasant mom

MRS. CLARK: Pleasant mom

MRS.CLAUSING: Pleasant mom

MRS. McCARTHY:  A younger version of Mrs. Armstrong

REVEREND HOPKINS: a nervous man

FIREMEN: Ready to help


11 Named Character Roles (5 girls/6 boys) plus other younger children and “Baby Angel Choir”

BETH BRADLEY: Lead role who narrates the show; should have strong voice and great stage presence; able to show an array of emotions. Sister to Charlie and daughter to Grace and Bob.  Beth is a great role for an experienced young actress as she must set the tone and drive the entire show through her storyline.

CHARLIE BRADLEY:  Younger brother to Beth and son to Grace & Bob.

RALPH HERDMAN:  Oldest member of the Herdman clan of young ruffian siblings who are considered “the worst kids in the history of the world.”

IMOGENE HERDMAN: She is the oldest girl but the obvious leader of the Herdman children.  She is loud, bossy & crafty. One tough cookie!

LEROY HERDMAN: He is the ‘tough guy’ and very sure of himself.

CLAUDE HERDMAN: He is also tough but more combative being a younger sibling and fighting for his position in the family; usually paired up with his brother Ollie.

OLLIE HERDMAN: He/She- is always looking for trouble.  Claude’s usually his partner in crime.

GLADY HERDMAN: She is the youngest –a feisty disposition. She provides comic relief in this show.

ALICE WENDLEKEN: Alice prim, proper and often a pain in the neck with her goody two shoe routine.

MAXINE: She is one of Beth Sunday School classmate’s though not necessarily same exact ages.

ELMER HOPKINS: A friend with Charlie Bradley and not a fan of the Herdmans or church despite the fact his father is the minister.

ADDITIONAL STUDENT ROLES: Ages 7 and up. There are additional children roles with 1-8 lines each throughout the script which will be assigned accordingly to include singing carols in the older kid’s choir as well as *Baby Angel Choir.

*BABY ANGLE CHOIR:  Ages 4-6.  These are new actresses and actors who are able to be on stage without their parents.

Audition Monologue – Student Actors (ages 7 and Up)

“All of a sudden Imogene Herdman dug me in the ribs with her elbow. She has the sharpest elbows of anyone I knew.

“What’s the Pageant?” she said.

“It’s a play”, I said, and for the first time that day (except when she saw the collection basket) Imogene looked interested.

I figured Imogene wouldn’t care much about the Christmas Pageant.

I was wrong!

Audition Monologue – Adult Actors (ages 18 and Up)

“The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the whole history of the world. They lied and stole and smoked cigars, even the girls and talked dirty and hit little kids and cussed their teachers and took the name of the Lord in vain. They even set fire to poor Fred Shoemaker’s old broken- down tool house.”

Audition Music- (Please choose one to perform at this audition)

Song#1 “Away in a Manger”

“Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, 
The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.

The stars in the sky looked down where he lay, the little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay.”

Song#2 “What Child is this”

“What Child is this
Who laid to rest
On Mary’s lap is sleeping?
Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet,
While shepherds watch are keeping?


*** If you are auditioning for BOTH productions, please sing music provided for “Pinkalicious” ***

Please, bring a calendar of your scheduled upcoming events with you to these auditions!


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