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Congratulations CAST of WILLY WONKA!


It is always very difficult as a director to come to the moment when you post a cast list knowing that you will disappoint anyone who auditioned. I truly wish I could cast each person that showed interest in our Flat Rock Playhouse, Studio 52 production of “Willy Wonka.”

Please know many factors go into casting, conflicts, vocal/dance abilities and which actors seemed to work best together. I can assure you that Wendy Jones, Allison Nock and I have wrestled over and over to include the most cast members we are possibly able to work with.

If you have not been cast, please know you have still done a great job and continue to audition for every show you may get a chance to participate in.

I highly encourage everyone to audition this weekend (Feb. 3rd and 4th) for our upcoming productions of “ Annie” and “ The Little Mermaid”.

For more information on these auditions please visit our main website at


My appreciation again to each auditionee.

Dave Hart

Director of “Willy Wonka”


Our “Willy Wonka” Cast

Willy Wonka- Scott Treadway

Charlie Bucket – Jack Higginbotham

Mr. Bucket – Josh Dunkin

Mrs. Bucket – Rebekah Byrd

Grandpa Joe – Rob Wood

Grandma Josephina – Patty Siebert

Grandpa George – Lance Linson

Grandma Georgia – Sonia Arnold

Candy Man – Von Alberto

Phineous Trout – Frank Davis (Understudy Willy Wonka)

Augustus Gloop – Harper Callahan

Mrs. Gloop – Anjie Grady

Violet Beauregarde – Clara Hockenberry

Mrs. Beauregarde – Calintha McClintic

Verucca Salt – Olivia Lytle

Mr. Salt – Don Killian

Mike Teavee – Gage Filiporic

Ms. Teavee – Rebecca Conway


Candy Man Kids

Matilda – Samantha Janco (Understudy for Violet, Verucca)

James – Cameron Grady (Understudy for Charlie, Mike, Augustus)

Kyra Hewitt

Cyrus Hardin

Katherine Grady

Wyatt Schnitzer

Ava Treadway

Zoe Corbin

Noelle Crist

Jesse Jakubielski

Marie Danos

Auden Pelz


Oompa-Loompa Ensemble

Sara Jane Killian

Jaycee Bergman

Sierra Manning

Kaia Pelz

Jayna Gerber

Cassidy Bowen

Chris Saucedo

Joseph Sherer

Ezekiel Mercado

Brice Farris


Squirrel Ensemble

Jonah Jakubielski

Leilah Meyer

Jackson Laufer

Isabel Dewberry

Claire Manning

Ella Rollins

Liza Danos


Ensemble Towns Folk

 Karolyn Killian

Connie Bergman

Janice Guazzo

Susan Danos

Abigail Byrd

Marissa Connelly

Clarke Pernell

Nicholas Oursler

Colin Barton

Alexander Guazzo (Understudy for Candy Man, Phineous)

Lianas Pronyk (Understudy for Mrs. Bucket, Beauregarde, Gloop, Teavee)


Technical Super Stars

Riley Hewitt – Student Stage Manager

Mae Freeman

Isabel (Izzy) Workman


Congratulations to all!!!


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