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Cast lists for Annie and The Little Mermaid!

It is very exciting and also difficult as directors to come to the time when we post a cast list. With our excitement over those cast, we also understand and know we will disappoint others who have auditioned.

Please know many factors go into casting and the amazing talent we saw made it difficult for both of us in our selections. Dave and I truly wish we could cast each person who auditioned and showed interest in our productions of “ Annie” and “ The Little Mermaid”.

If you have not been cast, please know you have still done a wonderful job and continue to audition for every show you may get a chance to participate in.

We still have many opportunities this year for you at Flat Rock Playhouse and hope you’ll check our website often for future auditions.

With our appreciation again to all,

Lisa Bryant

For questions or concerns please contact


“Annie” Cast

Director, Amy Jones

Please note: All orphans (except Molly) will perform 8 shows a week. Actresses in ‘named’ roles will split 4 and 4; four performances in ‘named’ role, and 4 performances in an ensemble track. The Molly’s will share the week with 4 shows each.

You will be contacted within a couple of weeks regarding next steps.

Annie: Carly Gendell

Pepper: Ava Moss/Sydney A. Forbes

Duffy: Resa Mishina

July: Caroline Quinn/Ellie Stout

Kate: Jia Hind/Cate Boyett

Tessie: Julia Higginbotham/Samantha Janco

Molly: Ivy Rose Voloshin/Emersyn Lilly Massaro

Orphan Ensemble/Swings: Sophia Bradshaw (Pepper, Duffy, July) & Jacey Bergman (Tessie, Kate)


**Please do not change your hairstyle between now and May without consulting FRP first. Thank you!


“The Little Mermaid” Cast

Director, Dave Hart

Our Amazing, ABOVE and BELOW the Sea Cast.

(Individual roles to be announced at a future date.)


Neel Patrick Edwards

Frank Davis

Harper Callahan

Xavier Cacanindin

Lucie Nelson (Please contact Dave Hart ASAP) ***

Haley Parent (Please contact Dave Hart ASAP)***

Hannah Daniels

Lianas Pronyk

Calintha McClintic

Aurora Briggs

Emilie Swanson (Please Contact Dave Hart ASAP) ***

Kristina Baker

Sara Killian

Aniela Lane

Eden Pace

Eleanor Leatherwood

Clarke Pernell

Jayna Gerber

Merryn Owen

Claire Packer

Noelle Crist

Kyra Hewitt

Colin Barton

Gracie L’Tae Hall


Our Sea World Technicians

Riley Hewitt

Mae Freeman

Jonathan “ Chase” Abercrombie



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