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The Music Man Cast List – Youth Actors



To everyone who auditioned for The Music Man, Congratulations! You all did a wonderful job and made, once again, an incredibly positive impression on another guest director. As you all know by now, there are so many factors that go into making casting decisions, and most of them are out of your control. All you can do is go in prepared and do your best, and to the last boy and girl, you guys did just that. Flat Rock Playhouse is proud to have such great young artists to work with and grow with. Congratulations to everyone for your courage, talent, and commitment.



Flat Rock Playhouse


Winthrop: Jonah Jakubielski

Amaryllis: Kyra Hewitt

Gracie: Clancy Penny


Hannah Keppel

Lainie Robertson

Joseph Sherer

Chris Saucedo


Scheduled Alternates

***The alternates will perform twice a week.

Winthrop: Harrison Burnette

Amaryllis: Julia Higginbotham


First rehearsal: May 24, 10am. Rehearsal Hall.


***For those who auditioned for The Diary of Anne Frank, decisions will not be made until after March 17. If you are called back or cast, you will be contacted via phone or personal e-mail directly. Thank you.

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