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Announcing Youth Cast in Chasing Rainbows: The Road to Oz

Thank you so much for your audition! We were faced with so many wonderful and talented actors – congratulations! Everyone did such a great job at the auditions and we appreciate your time and interest.

Please know many factors go into casting a show: conflicts, heights, ages, vocal ability, dance experience and which actors seemed to work best together.

The entire production team would like to express their thanks and appreciation to every young actor who auditioned for Chasing Rainbows: The Road to Oz.

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The Chasing Rainbows Cast Members:


Student #1 (A) Cast   Ezekiel Mercado

Student #1 (B) Cast   Chris Saucedo


Student #2 (A) Cast   Clarke MacDonald

Student #2 (B) Cast   Harper Callahan


Student #3 (A) Cast   Will Field

Student #3 (B) Cast   Jamie Riedy


Alfalfa (A) Cast   Hadin Robertson

Alfalfa (B) Cast   Brice Farris



Student#1 (A) Cast   Sophia Bradshaw

Student#1 (B) Cast   Ariana Schuler


Student #2 (A) Cast   Caroline Quinn

Student #2 (B) Cast   Clancy Penny


Student #3 (A) Cast   Keelie Jones

Student #3 (B) Cast   Anissa Gale-Patrizia Briggs


Young Virginia (A) Cast   Georgia Kay Wise

Young Virginia (B) Cast   Camille Leah


Shirley (A+B Cast)   Nicole Johanson


Baby (A+B Cast)   Kyra Hewitt


Deanna Durbin (A+B Cast) Claire Griffin




Shirley – Alisha Richardson (as needed A & B)

Baby- Louise Martin (as needed A & B)


Nov. 3rd First rehearsal

Rehearsals Nov.3rd – Nov.18th

A Cast (opens Chasing Rainbows) Nov. 27th till Dec. 6th

B Cast (closes Chasing Rainbows) Dec. 9th– Dec.19th

Put-in rehearsal either Dec. 4th or Dec. 8th

TBA both casts required for put-in rehearsal.


Mandatory Tech rehearsals:

Nov. 19th -through Nov.25th TBA

Thanksgiving OFF

Nov. 27th 1-5pm

Dec 1st 1-5pm,

Dec 2nd 10-12pm

These rehearsals are vital to the success of any show and will require long hours  with an ensemble show of this type.


A Cast Performance Schedule:

11/27 8pm

11/28 2pm, 8pm

11/29 2pm, 7pm (Executive Producer Private Performance Night)

12/2 2pm, 8pm (Opening Night)

12/3 2pm, 8pm

12/4 8pm

12/5 2pm, 8pm

12/6 2pm

(13 performances)


B Cast Performance Schedule

12/9 2pm, 8pm

12/10 2pm, 8 pm

12/11 8pm

12/12 2pm, 8pm

12/13 2pm

12/15 10am (School Show)

12/16 2pm, 8pm

12/17 2pm, 8pm

12/18 8pm

12/19 2pm, 8pm (Closing)

(16 performances)

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