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Calling all Vagabonds! Want to be in a book?

Well now’s your chance!

Flat Rock Playhouse,The State Theatre of North Carolina, announces an upcoming history of the Playhouse, beginning as Robin Farquhar assumes the role of Artistic Director in 1983. Dennis C. Maulden, Resident Scene Designer and Apprentice Administrator, associated with the theatre since his first-year apprenticeship in 1967, began writing the book in 2002 upon the celebration of the Playhouse’s 50th Anniversary.

Called The Spirit of the Rock – Flat Rock Playhouse: My Second Home and Its History, the book traces the evolution of The State Theatre from Robin’s leadership in presenting large-scale musicals and new works, and moves through the arrival and impact of Vincent A. Marini in 2009. The final section charts the new course for the Playhouse envisioned by Lisa K. Bryant, appointed Artist Director in 2014 upon Marini’s departure.

Told from his unique point of view and full of humor and warmth, the history pays a brief homage to Maulden’s Playhouse mentors before exploring what he calls the “Renaissance Years” as Farquhar moves the theatre from a small summer stock company to a nationally recognized regional theatre. He moves on to analyze the high and low points of the five years following Farquhars’s death as well as the subsequent struggle to solidify a new era of stability, educational mission, and artistic vision.

Maulden welcomes input from former Vagabonds in the form of production shots or candid photos, memories of pivotal moments, as well as prepared quotations or testimonials, but he sadly acknowledges that not everything will make the final cut. Please feel free to send any materials to

This coffee table book will include the evolution of the property, Playhouse traditions, and educational programs, and will hopefully reflect a sense of the family spirit, creativity, artistic integrity, hard work ,and tenacity characteristic of Vagabond’s since the Playhouse’s inception in 1952.