WHOA! We’re Halfway There!

Amazingly enough, tomorrow afternoon at our weekly Apprentice Meeting, we will all be recieving our Week 7 schedule. This marks the halfway point of the summer…What? What I find most, alarming (for lack of a better word) is how quickly this summer has FLOWN by. My Dad would always tell me when I was younger that life goes by fast. However, he would caution that once you started getting older, it goes by REALLY fast. Not that I ever mistrusted my Dad’s advice, but I never took it seriously until recent years when I realized he was 100% correct. Life truly goes by in the blink of an eye. For many of us (or maybe just me since I just graduated college. Ahhhh) we never truly know if we are doing the right thing. Not a moral “right” thing, but I mean the “right” thing in the sense of “Am I in the right place at the right time?” or “Am I pursuing what I really want in life?” or “Am I as prepared as I possibly can be so that if the right opportunity presents itself, I know I’ll be ready?” However, for once in my life, being here in Flat Rock doing these three wonderful shows this summer (The People’s Poet, My Fair Lady, and Miss. Siagon) is exactly where I am supposed to be. As a first year last year, I learned so much about the business and rehearsal process, that I never really had the opportunity to sit back and “smell the roses” if you will. I wanted to get it all “right” ¬†because I felt like I had so much to learn. But, this year I find myself way more grounded and open to every opportunity. Much more capable of jumping into every situation unafraid and able to say yes at whatever is thrown my way. Flat Rock has proved to be the perfect transition place for me. I can assemble my life together before I have to make some “bigger” decisions about my future…SUCH AS WHERE I WANT TO MOVE. (cue: tears) But that’s why Flat Rock is so special to me and to everyone that has ever worked here. It’s a place filled with people who care about your¬†future just as much as you do. It’s a place where not only do you get the opportunity to do what you love, but where you also get to expand and grow in ways and talents that you never thought possible. The moral of this blog post: Life goes by fast and it doesn’t slow down for anyone. So, fill your life and your days with people who care about your happiness, future, and overall well-being just as much as you do. Thank you, Flat Rock for being exactly that!!!!

LOVE- Sara Spadacene

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